“Street Truck”

Rules and Procedures

1.    If you run 4.99 or quicker, you MUST wear a helmet.

2.    If you run 4.69 or quicker, you are required to have at a minimum of a 6 point roll bar.

3.    Must be a street legal vehicle.
Full Bodied Vehicle, O.E.M. vehicle integrity must be retained (no cut up or removed body panels, glass or doors, removed pickup tailgates permitted).

Full tube chassis prohibited, must retain factory O.E.M. chassis.  Aftermarket bolt on suspension modifications permitted. Back half suspension modifications (ladder bar/4 link) are permitted.

Stock firewall in stock location mandatory.

Stock appearing dash and interior mandatory, race seats w/shoulder harnesses and roll bars/cages permitted. Basic electrical accessories (such as lighting, w/s wipers) must be retained. NO STRIPPED VEHICLES….

4.    ALL vehicles must be driven to the staging lanes and from the end of the track into the pits. Towing is grounds for disqualification.

5.    D.O.T. Tires
Tires must have D.O.T. approved stamping on sidewall, NO CUT TIRES….

6.    Full Exhaust
Must be mufflers and pipes exiting behind and/or outside the rear most passenger carrying compartment. Diesels are not required to have mufflers, however they must retain a full exhaust system as stated above, NO THROUGH THE HOOD STACKS….

7.    Engine

Must be automotive or light truck style internal combustion gasoline or diesel powered (no exotic fuels, i.e. alcohol, nitromethane). Power adders such as N2O and/or propane are permitted.

8.    Transmission & Transfer Case
Any production style manual or automatic transmission and transfer case is permitted. Aftermarket "clutchless" or "planetary" transmissions prohibited, transfer cases must have the capability to be shifted between 2wd/4wd and high/low range either manually or electrically. Aftermarket transfer cases that are not range or mode selectable without disassembly are prohibited.

9.    Vehicle and Driver
Only one (1) vehicle with one (1) driver on the list at a time. These must remain together as a pair, if the driver changes vehicles he will have to drop off the list and start at the beginning.

10.Contested Events
This will take place during the Friday Night Beanfield Truck Races, it will not be contested on any other events.

11.Call Outs/Challenges

a.     Call outs need to be communicated to or in the presence of the race director (Josh Hostinsky for Gas, Daniel Yelinek for Diesel), and will be run in the order in which they are received.

b.    You can challenge the next person above you on the list and/or the person below may challenge you.

c.     A challenge can be made at any time via The Race Director in person or by contacting him through the Newtown Dragway Facebook Page.

d.    The person being challenged has to meet the challenge at the next event as long as the challenge is made at least five (5) days prior the event. Challenges made within the five (5) days prior to, or during the event can be run at that event if the person challenged agrees, however he/she will not be required to run until the next event.

e.    If a person cannot make the challenge for any reason (no show, broke, etc.) it will be considered a loss and the challenger will advance on the list.

f.      If an event is missed you can drop up to 2 spots, your spot can only be taken if the below racer challenges the spot above you and the challenge is accepted. The race must take place that night for the spot to be given up.

g.     All list challenges will be determined by one run on a .400 pro tree with the timing system of the track determining the winner, RED LIGHTS COUNT….


Although there is no way the above listed rules and procedures can cover all possible scenarios, it is intended as a basic guideline to establish a fun and competitive program.

If a situation arises that is not covered under the brief guidelines listed above, the Race Master and Track Personal will make all possible efforts to come up with a solution.

One last thing, KEEP IT FUN!!!!


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